Connecting Past and Present EMW Memorial Scholarship Recipients

In 2016 Kitchen 8 established Lizzie's Legacies, a group especially for the connection of current and former Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Recipients. Its purpose is to provide a "Kitchen" of support to KU women who have received the scholarship. If you have benefited from the EMW Memorial Scholarship and would like to stay connected with other alumnae, please join us in conversation on the Lizzie's Legacies' Social Forum on the Member Connection Portal or email Co-Coordinators Gayle (Barry) Matchett, K8 EMWMS Recipients "Housemother", and Emily Hane, Watkins 08-10, at

Elizabeth Miller Watkins Scholars are the cream of the crop. They have participated in endless hours of volunteer work, in addition to their scholastic achievement and their outside employment. They are the epitome of what Mrs. Watkins envisioned for the scholarship halls.

- Alica Thomas, Elizabeth Miller Watkins Memorial Scholarship Advisory Board Chair

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